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Shaina and Josh - Married!

Another fabulous wedding to post!!

Shaina is the sister of Stacia from Pedals with Style and July 18th was a stunning day to capture!! Here are a number of images from Josh and Shaina's wedding day. Blessings on you marriage and enjoy this new season of life!


Cade Murray - senior

Each high school senior has a story to be told...here is Cade's

Liz & Adam wedding

So what happens when it rains on your wedding day...when it's not supposed too? We have fun and capture great pictures...and Liz and Adam did just that!! Here are a few standouts from the days celebration!!!


Rachel & Benjamin

Time to be blogging again!!

Rachel and Ben become one on the 26th of June at the family farm where Ben's parents were married...and Ben's grandparents were married. What a joy it is to capture the generational blessing from one family to another.

Blessings to you Rachel and Ben that you may have the blessing of family for years upon years to come.